Lush Review – Vanishing Cream Moisturiser

So, from the title of this blog, I think we can all guess I have decided to write a little review about one of my favorite products from Lush – Vanishing Cream.


I was first introduced to this moisturiser a couple of years ago, and it has honestly been my holy grail of goodness! My skin type is fairly oily with the odd patches of dry flaky skin (as you do) and I have always struggled to actually find a mosturiser that doesn’t overwhelm my face with oils, but is good enough to add moisture to the dry patches on my face. And this product just fits that bill!

When I first bought this product to try, I was apprehensive as the cream itself is very watery, and I even had an awkward moment when I spiltย  half of it down my sink! However, I decided to give it a go (even though I had lost half of it) as it is on the higher scale on the price range. The first thing you notice about this face cream is the smell! If you’re not a great fan of Lavender, then this might not be for you, but as I love this smell I was eager to try it. I found that once applied to my face I didn’t need as much as I had anticipated, but I didn’t mind as it soaked in pretty much straight away! It didn’t leave my face feeling greasy, and it was a very ‘light’ product to apply to my skin. All on all, I was very happy!

Long term with this product, I found it helped my oiliness in my skin really well, and also helped to stop me getting dry patches on my face. The reason for this? The Lavender that’s in the product is very good for helping your face control the amount of oil that is produced. If your face is over producing, then the Lavender will help to control this, and vice versa – it is prefect for problematic skin! Also, if you have acne problems, again, no problem! There is Witch Hazel in this moisturiser which helps to reduce inflammation, thus hopefully reducing the appearance of acne.

In conclusion – if you are willing to try a new moisturiser and splash a little bit more money than you might usually do, then please try this! The perfect face cream for all types of cream. You won’t be disappointed!!
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11 thoughts on “Lush Review – Vanishing Cream Moisturiser

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